Combat Specialist

Welcome to the Combat Specialist. I Robert Blizzard (director) with a few other qualified instructors, have taken a few styles and combined the finer workable points of each and created a useable practice. Our system is not one of belt structures but one of certifications to achieve, for the particular training that you are acquiring within. This site will also teach you about and explain the history about some of the different styles that are out there in today's world.

We are in affiliation with Dragon Storm Karate Club, Were most of us attained our Black Belts and have been teaching for Years. Here we certify you for course completion, in your field of choice. To view what we have to offer in training courses and there respected time lines and fees click on CLASS OFFERED.

These certifications that we offer are Great for employees of BARS, Security Companies, Night Watch organizations etc... any one who could find themselves in harms way from offenders or attackers and will have to defend themselves. We personally recommend that all Bouncers and Security officers (licensed or not) to take the course in their field. The owner or Manager of the company should make it a standard to be certified in those fields, so you understand the law and can protect yourself and the investment in you as an employee and a company. To understand our background and why what we offer is so valuable check out our Experience page. Don't wait to get certified start feeling the confidence today. I will leave you with a quote from Bruce Lee

"I have this great creative and spiritual force within me. Greater than truth, greater than ambition, greater than confidence, greater than determination, more than vision. It is all these combined and there is no feeling on which these experiences can be compared." (Bruce Lee)

Special Thanks to: Dragon Storm Karate Club      Director: Les Blizzard